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$ 259.00


$ 259.00

You don't have to spend a fortune to get rad.

Developed in Seattle and designed for maximum shred, the Rainier dropper post is all about reliable performance and plenty of travel to get that saddle out of the way when you're in the steep, techy sections. And best of all, you'll have plenty of cash left over to take the squad out for beers when you feel bad for roasting them on the trail. Check out our customer reviews to see how people are enjoying its reliable performance. 

Simplicity in Design

Lightweight, alloy left or right lever

  • Our slim profile remote lever can be mounted on the right or left side of the handlebar and easily fits between your grip and brake lever for easy access.

    "Spin-Stop" Technology: 

    • The number one question we receive is whether there is play in the head of the saddle. Our answer is always no, to which we get a very puzzled look. Our post uses a keyed slider system where the inner portion of the lower post has machined slots and the stanchion portion has brass keys that fit into the slots. By using this simple design, the post is able to move freely vertically, but unable to spin. Pretty cool!

    Rainier dropper post no play head

      Product Specs

      • Material: 6061-T6 Heat Treated Alloy
      • Infinite Adjust: why should you be forced to choose a position?
      • Travel: 125mm
      • Diameter: 30.9 or 31.6mm 
      • Post length: 420mm (Please visit our Measurements Page to ensure our posts will work with your bike and your body's dimensions.)*
      • Ultra light lever feel
      • Internal cable routing

      *Make sure to measure the seat tube of your bike to ensure this post will fit. Some full suspension models with a bend or pivot placed through the seat tube can interfere with inserting the post to desired height.

      **Some lighter riders may have difficulty lowering the post all the way. We have typically seen this in riders weighing less than 135lbs.