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Our mission is simple, we want you to ride your bike and love it. At PNW we make industry leading components and deliver them at lower prices than you’re used to paying, so you have more money in your pocket for important things, like post ride burritos... we love those too. On top of that, every PNW Product comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty because your 2 wheeled best friend deserves long term love and support. 

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The only time getting dropped on the trail is a good thing.



"The Bachelor 150 works well and after six months is proving as reliable as the better posts on the market. To date, it's been a set-it-and-forget-it kind of component."

-Vernon Felton


"I have to say I really love this seatpost and I plan to continue running it for a long time. With a simple and reliable design and solid performance, there isn’t much more I can ask for from a dropper post."

- Jeff Barber


"Our time with the Bachelor post has been trouble free throughout the months of abuse we have put it through. The best parts on any bike are the ones you can install and forget about because they just work – the PNW Bachelor post is on that short list of parts."

-David Howell 


Loam Lever Dropper Remote
Loam Lever Dropper Remote
Loam Lever Dropper Remote
Loam Lever Dropper Remote
Loam Lever Dropper Remote
Loam Lever Dropper Remote
Loam Lever Dropper Remote

Loam Lever Dropper Remote

$ 69.00

Dropper post levers are something a lot of us overlook, we want our dropper to work but don’t think about the button that makes the magic happen. After testing a bunch of levers, from the plastic ones to the ergonomically weird, even the best in class, we decided we could do better. So we made the Loam Lever. It’s the most adjustable lever around, ensuring you can modify it to fit your exact ergonomic specifications. The lever’s grippy injection molded pad has got your back in sloppy weather conditions. And speaking of weather, we made sure the whole thing was as weather proof as possible, meaning your lever won’t squeak, bind up or fail after being in the rain. Learn more about the product development process by clicking here

The Loam Lever has 4 key characteristics:

1. Adjustability - We believe precision matters, this lever provides two forms of adjustment so you can dial in your perfect placement. 

2. Weather Proof - Oversized high quality sealed bearing paired with an additional seal and all stainless hardware for longevity and durability.

3. No Slip Grip - Speaking of weather, the Loam Lever features a grippy injection molded thumb pad to keep your paws in place in even the sloppiest of conditions. The thumb pad is available in Teal, Orange or Grey.

4. Techy AF - Custom CNC machining throughout the whole design of the Loam Lever for precision and weight reduction.

Tech Specs:

  • Clamp Styles: Standard 22.2mm Hinge Clamp, Sram MatchMaker X, Shimano ISpec
  • Weight: 48g (With 22.2mm Clamp)
  • Accepts cable routing from either direction
  • Includes Jagwire derailleur cable
  • 1x Shifter Style
  • We don't believe in waste: 100% recyclable packaging
  • Compatibility: Every cable actuated dropper post we've tested such as:
    • Fox Transfer
    • OneUp Dropper Post
    • 9point8 Fall Line
    • Bike Yoke Revive
    • DVO Garnet
    • Easton Haven
    • Raceface Turbine
    • KS (all)
    • TransX
    • Thomson
    • Specialized Command Post
    • Shimano Koryak
    • Gravity Dropper
    • Brand X
    • e*thirteen TRS+
    • Thompson
    • Giant Contact
    • Bontrager
    • and many more droppers