It's not what we say that's important, it's what others say.

From Pinkbike's 6-month review: "What's lacking about the Bachelor 150? A big name and marketing budget. That's it. The Bachelor 150 works well and after six months is proving as reliable as the better posts on the market. To date, it's been a set-it-and-forget-it kind of component... something you can't say about every dropper post on the market. - Vernon Felton"

"They’ve succeeded in bringing an affordable and functional post to market"

"Only thing I dislike is that I couldn't afford the internal routing model! Amazing post with extremely simple setup."

"Outstanding fit, finish, and quality. Superb customer service. Everything a good company should be !"



ENTER THE ENDURO ZONE. 150mm travel. Internally routed. Air cartridge. Pure dropper post bliss.

RAINIER 27.2 DROPPER - $274.99

A favorite of MTBR.com, this dropper features 27.2mm diameter and 80mm of travel. Comes complete with cables & lever.

RAINIER 30.9 DROPPER - $229.99

Wanting an affordable and reliable dropper for your MTB? Meet Rainier.


No smoke and mirrors, just passion for the bike industry.

Our team has proven success in the industry. Having worked for brands like Specialized, Trek, Marin & Sram, we have experience working with innovative leaders and their manufacturing partners. These leading companies have taught us the ins and outs of delivering high quality product with a focus on what riders want. That may sound simple, but you'd be surprised how that can be easily forgotten.


Funding world cup race teams, getting full-page spread ads in magazines and hiring marketing or branding consultants is expensive. Like, really, really expensive. These costs then need to be paid back through the sale of product. We don't expect to be a marketing powerhouse, we instead want to attract you with the quality of our parts and the super aggressive pricing we offer. We hope you then tell your friends. This is our form of marketing and we hope you find it compelling.


I'm sure you've heard all those sleazy diamond commercials over the years "BUY DIRECT AND SAVE". Well, while we don't agree with their delivery of that message, there is something to say for not going through many layers of middlemen. We get our parts directly from manufacturers, don't have a large staff and focus on online marketing. This strategy changes the way most brands do business and is similar to how many brands in other industries have been successfully doing things for years.


There's more than just great prices


    Some people love the art of "tinkering". While we appreciate the art, we don't expect our customers to. We use a sealed damping cartridge to control the return rate of the saddle, allowing you to focus on having fun on the trail, not worrying about bleeding or rebuilding your post frequently. 


    Many of our competitors use materials like plastic to cut costs. Our slim profile remote lever can be mounted on the right or left side of the handlebar and easily fits between your grip and brake lever for easy access.


    The number one question we receive is whether there is play in the head of the saddle. Our answer is always no, to which we get a very puzzled look. Our post uses a keyed slider system where the inner portion of the lower post has machined slots and the stanchion portion has brass keys that fit into the slots. By using this simple design, the post is able to move freely vertically, but unable to spin. Pretty cool!


The short story: We hate how expensive bike parts are. That’s why we started PNW Components. Our team has decades of experience working for top bike brands in the industry, fostering strong relationships with leading manufacturers and working at the forefront of what’s new in the bike world. What this means for you is top performing dropper posts, handlebars and stems at a fraction of the cost.

The longer, but still kind of short, story: The PNW team rides downhill, enduro, cyclocross, XC, gravel grinders… we’ve even tried unicycles but none of us are very good at that. We think bikes are so rad that we ended up working as bike product managers, product developers, graphic designers and engineers for the top bike brands in the world. During this time, we traveled the world studying bike markets, bike design, and learning from incredible manufacturers about how to create great products at low prices. 

But you’re probably sick of hearing our resume, and want to know what this all means for you.

While working in the bike industry, we noticed something; by the time products we designed made it all the way to customers hands, too many parties got their hands in the pot which increased cost significantly. We want to change that model. By keeping overhead costs low, working direct with manufacturers and focusing on engineering products that delivery exactly what customers want but within their budget, we’re able to save you money and ultimately have it stay in your wallet.