Customer Review: The Budget Friendly Ridge Dropper

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Sometimes the components on your bike just need to work. They don't need to be flashy, or built from the lightest material, or notable while you're riding. They just need to do their job and to do it consistently. The Ridge Dropper Post is one of those unsung heroes that does it's job without faltering while going unnoticed, and that's how it should be. If you're tired of spending money to service a poorly performing dropper post, read on to see how you can save money and improve your ride quality simultaneously. 

Review provided by PNW customer, Jared C.  

A Budget Friendly Dropper That Punches Above Its Weight

After a couple of years of subpar performance from my first dropper post, I reached out to a couple of local shops who advised me that continuing to attempt to service the post wouldn’t be worth the investment. I was initially pushed toward a higher end dropper post but I decided I would do a bit of research before making a decision.

I had seen some PNW Components branding on social media so I looked into their options and, to my surprise, they had an internally routed dropper that would fit my 2015 Santa Cruz Bronson listed at the same price as a service for the dropper post I was replacing. There were some other options available online at comparable prices, but only the Ridge Dropper Post by PNW seemed to prioritize simplicity and reliability. After realizing I could also purchase the budget friendly Puget Lever in a bundle directly from PNW, I was sold.

PNW Components Customer Review of the Ridge Dropper Post

The product arrived quickly and my first thought upon opening the box was that the look and feel seemed to far exceed the budget price point. I have never installed a dropper post before, so I was prepared with enough beer to take me far into the evening if need be.

I used the PNW installation video to get the right housing and cable length and the order of measuring and cutting was clearly described, leading to a flawless install. After some thoughtful measurements and a couple of snips, I was in business just two beers in! The fit and function of the dropper were top notch with swift actuation and good return speed. My first impressions were 10/10 and it passed the driveway test with flying colors.

PNW Components Customer Review of the Ridge Dropper Post

Now that I have been using the Ridge for 4 months in Southern California summer and fall conditions, I can provide an update that the post has performed flawlessly with no required maintenance to speak of. The finish looks as it did when new, and there doesn’t seem to be any play or change in tolerance. I have come to really appreciate that the Ridge simply works. It stays down and it stays up, just what a dropper should do. I never worry about it interfering with a good ride, and for that reason I recommend it to anyone in the market for a reliable, quality post at a good price.


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