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Fall brings some of the best trail conditions with it, but hero dirt doesn't come without its share of rain. With the trails getting more sloppy, you may find you want a fender if you don't already have one. While fenders keep your smile clean, they also act as a rain jacket for your fork by keeping dirt, mud and grime out of its seals, which can stretch the lifetime of your shock.

So in the spirit of gabbing about what bike parts we're loving, we wanted to tell you about our friends over at Ground Keeper who make some of the coolest fenders around. We've been riding these on our personal bikes for awhile, and not only are they flashy but they stand up to the elements too. Ground Keeper is another awesome company born in the PNW, and what's even cooler is these colorful face savers are made right here in Washington with recycled polyethylene. 

Check them out at www.groundkeeperfenders.com


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