Happy International (Trail) Dog Day!

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Deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest lives an animal so rare that it is admired above all others. Once kinsmen to the great wolf packs of the Cascade Mountains these creatures have altered the future of their species forever by entering a symbiotic relationship with a sub-species of humans known commonly as the Homosapien Mountain-Bikus. The beloved animal of which we speak is scientifically labeled as the Canine Trailus, or less officially as, the Trail Dog.

Many of the Homosapiens are mistaken and grant themselves the title of “owner” in this give-and-take relationship, but in truth, they are nothing more than protectors, servants, and best friends, blessed by the presence of their wet-nosed companions.

PNW Components Celebrates International Trail Dog Day

Unlike other species these beautiful creatures come in varying shapes, sizes, and markings, with different speeds, behavioral patterns, and in some cases, work ethics. The occasional trail dog likes to lead, while the majority are happy to follow their bonded partner, and at the end of the day their differences are what make them special and they are all good dogs.

PNW Components Celebrates International Trail Dog Day

With International Dog Day occurring on Monday, August 26th, we felt it necessary to celebrate our furry trail companions. We coordinated with local riders and trail builders to display the joy that is riding with your dog and we hope you're as entertained as we are! We believe your companion deserves to be celebrated as well, so be sure to take them out for their favorite walk, swim, hike, to the dog park, or on a ride if they're a capable trail dog.

If your dog wants to look stylish on the trails and has been looking for a way to give back to its brethren, we now have a limited run of PNW Components bandanas available on our website. All proceeds generated from the sale of the the bandanas will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society

DISCLAIMER: Not all dogs are capable of being trail dogs. Please consider the safety of your dog, yourself, and the riders you share the trail with before attempting to take your dog with you on a ride. In a new situation your furry friend may behave erratically, causing harm to itself and those around it and it is incredibly important to gauge the abilities, physical fitness of your dog, as well as the mental aptitude for reacting to fast moving objects and changing surroundings, before taking them on the trails.

Thank you to all of the riders and their dogs that volunteered their own time to make this project happen! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and love all that you do for our local riding scene!  


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