PNW and The Quarantine: Part III

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It’s not shocking that we here at PNW like to ride bikes, in particular mountain bikes. But, with many trailheads closed and taking risks pushing our limits questionable ethically, we have decided to embrace some of our other activities and hobbies. We are calling this PNW and The Quarantine and we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite isolation activities through this three-part series.

Part 3: Smiling in the Face of Pandemic

Most Importantly... Hang with the Furry Ones

If you have paid any attention to our brand in the last few years, you’ll know one thing… we like our animals… like a lot. So obviously, a huge part of quarantine has been spending time with the numerous cattle dogs, herding puppers, and black cats that we all have. 

Lindsay really took her puppy love to new levels, and says “with the trails not a prudent option, the parks closed, and my local gym shuttered, I moved on to focusing all of my energy into a new-found love of designing dog apparel. (Pictured below is Emma, blissfully unaware of her impending modeling career)

PNW and The Quarantine Part 3

PNW and The Quarantine Part 3

Surprisingly, my model soon tired of my incessant demands to smile, strut, and be crammed into pieces of old PNW Components t-shirts.” With her original model on strike, Lindsay turned to expanding her photography portfolio and added a few moody cat photos to the mix.


PNW Components and The Quarantine Part 3

Chris's pup, Rooster, has used quarantine to hone his side-eye skills: 

PNW Components and The Quarantine Part 3

Hilary’s attempt at hipster animal photography in the sunlight (there is a black cat hidden in that picture): 

PNW and The Quarantine Part 3

And her social distancing puppy playdates with the neighbor: 

PNW Components and The Quarantine Part 3

Speaking of puppies, meet Douglas Fir (aka Doug), the newest addition to the PNW crew and Chris's family:

Winner of Best Quarantine Activity 

Drum roll please... the winner of the best quarantine activity goes to... Chris coming in hot to take the gold! As if adding a puppy to the family wasn’t enough.

“We have started a “Drive-In Movie” night on Saturdays where we use the garage and driveway as the backdrop. I bring out a big screen, back the 4Runner into the driveway, set up a bunch of pillows and blankets, and order some Za for us to share (or heat one up from the store). It has actually been really fun and I definitely recommend it to any family just to get out of the living room for a night.”

Stay Safe Out There

We hope everyone is safe and healthy out there and that you’re finding ways to stay entertained. We’re looking forward to the days where we can meet you on the trails and give out a big round of high fives. From our crew to yours, take it easy, enjoy what you can during quarantine, and if you are able to create an at-home drive-in movie theatre, do it, because that’s just rad.

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