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We don’t know about you, but we always get excited walking into an REI store. Maybe it’s because the beautifully designed flagship shop is in our backyard - but there’s a good feeling when you are among the tantalizing new tools and gadgets that connect you to your outdoor lifestyle. Being in the bike industry for so long, we can forget what a big player REI is for a lot of cyclists out there. And whether you are a novice or an expert, REI’s ability to stock their stores and website with the best products for a myriad of adventures is pretty impressive. 
Not only do we love shopping at REI (although our wallets might disagree), we’ve always admired the integrity of the company itself and their ability to uphold the reasons they started as a co-op back in 1938. Plus, our co-founder, Emily, is proud to mention her first “mountain bike” was a hand-me-down, fully rigid Novara, that spent miles and miles commuting around Seattle and exploring the gravelly back roads of Eastern Washington and Oregon. Considering this was before dropper posts started showing up on bikes, it’s fair to say we have been fans of REI for a long time. That’s why we are super happy to announce that you can now find PNW Components at
REI’s fundamental goal is to operate a business that plays a vital role in growing outdoor participation, while protecting the environment for future generations. This is something we’ve always looked up to. When we started PNW, our main goal was to bring down the cost of simple components, especially the ones that made mountain biking more fun and therefore more accessible. Deciding to hang our hat on a good, reliable, dropper post, with a variety of diameter offerings, was a purposeful choice. We wanted our customers to be able to equip everything from a classic hardtail, to a gravel grinder or CX bike, with a simple product that could make riding a bit more fun. Because who wants to go back to the days where you have to hop on and off your bike to get the seat out of the way, or worse get bucked off by your saddle on steep sections? We continue to think about the riders and what can improve their experience as we develop more products, so our customers spend more happy miles outside on their rig of choice. 
So to make this long story short, REI shoppers can now find our PNW products right here: If you notice something out of stock on our website, chances are you can find it there.
So go out there and #dobikes.

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