Trail Building With Mark Matthews in Isolation

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Mark Matthews is practicing social distancing in his own way: by taking to the woods to create his latest masterpiece. While we're used to seeing his trails as a completed project in videos like Rainy Daze and Hometown, this time we get a front row seat to all of the decisions and hard work that go into the design process. Follow along with the building in Mark's new video series, Isolation, and check back in a few days for new episodes. 

Isolation with Mark Matthews - Episode 1

All this downtime at home is giving me a bit of extra time for starting some new build projects. I'm starting this new series to track what I'm up to during isolation. Without being able to push riding and ride with groups of friends, it's time to build some sick new stuff!

Episode 2

Mark kicks off episode 2 with a ride on a dual slalom-esque course aboard his Marin Mount Vision. With the location of the first jump finalized it's time to move a ton of dirt and work on the landing.

Episode 3

There's nothing like some laps at the local dirt jumps to start the day and get the blood flowing. After a quick ride on his trail bike, Mark fills us in on the direction of his new jump line. Will he pick option A or B?

Episode 4

Episode 4 is all about trail building and wrestling gnarled stumps out of the ground. The deeper Mark digs, the better the dirt gets and the more promising the future of the trails becomes. 

Rainy Daze

Click the image below to watch Mark ride one of his immaculate jump lines in Rainy Daze. 

Episode 5

New bike day! Mark's new Marin Hawk Hill gets its final touches at Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland, BC and it's ready to hit the trails once the rain clears. In the dirt moving department, Mark packs in the first lip and digs a rough run out so he can get to testing the new line. 

Episode 6

The new line is progressing incredibly quickly and Mark spends the first half of the video testing out its first feature, then heads over to Cumberland to ride some of his favorite trails: Cupcake, Baker's Dozen, and Knuckers

Episode 7

In episode 7 of Isolation, Mark troubleshoots some technical difficulties with his jump line and then does some spring cleaning and riding on an established trail that runs parallel to his new jump line. 

Episode 8

Mark finishes the second jump and landing and gets them prepped for testing, then heads out for the first lap of the season on a secret trail that was previously buried in snow. This trail was also filmed in our video with Mark, Rainy Daze

Episode 9

With jump #2 complete, it's time for some test rides. Mark called his friend, and local photographer, Brett Kroeker to join him for safety purposes while testing the jump and then hit the local trails to wrap up the episode.

Episode 10

Mark dons quite possibly one of the coolest shark shirts in existence to build the third feature in his new jump line: a fast and low shark fin. After throwing dirt and keying us in on the future of the trail, Mark heads out to ride some huge jumps that have incredible views of the bay. 

Episode 11

Before another storm blows in, Mark heads to the local sand pit to practice his 360 drops, tests out a new oval chain ring on Bear Buns and Broadway in Cumberland, and then finishes the landing for the shark fin. 

Episode 12

We're gonna need a bigger boat because the shark fin is alive! With the first ride of the shark fin complete, Mark pushes onward with building and immediately runs into a huge, boulder-sized dilemma. 

Episode 13

The soil gets a bit more rocky as the build continues. After stacking dirt for the next shark fin, Mark challenges a buddy to a head to head "dual slalom" style race and makes a new amphibian friend on his local trails. 

Episode 14

Ok, we love every episode of this series, but episode 14 definitely takes the cake so far. From build-lapses to drone shots, dog shirts to the sickest dirt jumps, and maybe even the possibility of a cursed trailhead, this video has it all. 

Episode 15

Third time's a charm for Mark and he's finally able to show us a top to bottom run of Cupcake, pairing it with DCDH to form an incredibly rowdy lap. Let's not forget the digging: Mark cuts in a huge landing for the second shark fin and is almost ready to test it out. 

Episode 16 

Ok, we're starting to get an adrenalin rush just from watching Mark ride his line. The new shark fin is absolutely insane and the jump line isn't even finished yet. We can't wait to see what Mark comes up with next, and it sounds like he has some pretty big plans.  

Episode 17

Class is in session folks. Episode 17 kicks off with a lesson on building and designing wooden ramps before diving back into the woods for a bit of digging. Classic PNW weather gets the best of the dig crew and Mark takes us for a lap down Numbskulls in Cumberland, BC. 

Episode 18

This episode is a swan song of sorts, but for a different reason than you would initially expect. No, the Isolation series is not ending (thank goodness) and it seems like there will be plenty more episodes in the future, but another era is coming to a close: Mark says good bye to his Marin Mount Vision, soon to be replaced by an Alpine Trail 8.

Episode 19

The title of this episode is "Rainiest June Ever?!" and we would have to agree. It's been absolutely dumping in the PNW, but Mark isn't letting that slow down his building. After introducing a new app partnership and riding Bucket of Blood and Slick Rock, Mark clears the area for the stump gap landing and shows us just how big that jump will be.  

Episode 20

There are a lot of things that can go wrong while trail building. The dirt can become too rocky, problem solving can get in the way of creativity, and you can get stung by wasps... Somehow all three of those examples happen to Mark in episode 20...  

Episode 21

After a rough go in episode 20 the future of the stump gap was not looking bright, but after hundreds of requests in the comment section to keep the stump gap dream alive its plans have been resurrected and revamped! Mark makes progress on building the gap after a quick lap down Chunderbox in Cumberland, BC.

Episode 22

Mark puts the trail building progress on pause for an episode as he heads back to his old trail for some filming with Scott Bell Visuals. Things get a bit rowdy as Mark and Scott test out a new cable cam set up to film some monstrous jumps. 

Episode 23

Mark puts the tools down and spends episode 23 aboard his bike. After taking us on a tour of the legendary film location of Rough AF 3, Mark goes for a rip down K2 in Sooke, BC

Be sure to check back in the future for more videos as we'll be updating this blog each time Mark posts a new Isolation video. 

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