Trail Building With Mark Matthews in Isolation - Part 2

Trail Building With Mark Matthews in Isolation - Part 2

If you've been keeping up with Mark Matthews's Isolation series, then you'll know that his new trail, Sharknado, is complete. From start to finish, it's a fast-paced, feature-heavy jump trail with shark fins galore. As one trail build comes to a close, Mark shifts his focus to his next project; completing Moon Boot, the trail that was featured in his winning GoPro Best Line video and our collaborative video project, Rainy Daze.  

Not caught up on Mark's first build during Isolation? Watch Part 1 of the Isolation Series here  

Isolation with Mark Matthews - Episode 53

It's the start of something new, kind of. With episode 53 of Isolation, Mark revisits his old jump line, shares his plans for its future, and gets his shovel dirty. 

Episode 54

Picking up right where he left off, Mark aims to solve drainage issues as water runs across Moon Boot's newest feature after a heavy rain. 

Episode 55

In episode 55 we're introduced to Mark's newest bike from Marin; The Alpine Trail XR. With a thick layer of snow coating much of the PNW, we aren't able to see the Alpine Trail in action, but are treated to some fast hardtail laps instead.

Episode 56

With the snow finally clearing in areas at lower elevation, Mark head's back to the zone where he built Sharknado to scout a location for a "one off" jump. As luck would have it, he finds the perfect gully for a massive step-up and immediately gets to digging. 

Episode 57

Mark took one look at the 9 foot tall step up he's building and thought, "Nope, not big enough." As the run in for his one off jump gets steeper and longer, the jump will need to grow to match and send riders to the Moon.  

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